TEENS (Ages 13 and up)


Top Ten Things Teens will Gain from this Program:

 1.  Bully-Defense & Conflict Resolution Strategies

2.  Simple, School-Appropriate Self-Defense

3.  Alternative Option to In-School P.E. and Athletics

4.  Higher Confidence & Self-Respect

5.  Better Physical Fitness and Flexibility

6.  Goal-Setting and Perseverance to Achieve!

7.  Make Friends and Build Social Skills

8.  Positive Environment and Role Models

9.  Constructive Outlet for Stress and Energy

10. Success in a Competitive Sport


One of the most difficult stages is life is the teen years from 13 to 17. Young people are suddenly dealing with overwhelming physical changes, plus enormous social pressures, both positive and negative. All these layers and layers of stress can be crushing to growing teens - add in the incredibly difficult social waters of junior high and high school, and it’s no wonder why these years are so miserable for so many young people. Teens face potentially life-altering decisions every day, often without help or guidance. The physical, mental, and even social, benefits of martial arts training can be hugely helpful for teens navigating this treacherous time in their lives. The physical training gives them a constructive outlet for all the stress, out-of-control emotions, and aggression they are naturally feeling.  Students seeking a higher level of physical fitness reach their goals through workouts that emphasize strength and endurance. Young people struggling with peer pressure or bullying find the self-esteem and confidence, built into them through their own hard work and overcoming obstacles. They will find a place where they are surrounded by other students just like themselves, all working together to improve in a positive environment. Instructors and student leaders are always nearby to help and provide great role models for struggling students.  Whether it’s building the self-esteem to turn back negative influences, learning the confidence and self-defense skill needed to let them speak out confidently, or just finding a safe social outlet to make friends, martial arts training can change the direction of a young teen’s life