BIG KIDS (Ages 7-12)


Top Ten Things Your Child Will Gain From Our Kids Program


1.Simple, Effective Self-Defense

2.Physical Fitness and Endurance

3.Goal Setting & Achievement

4.Commitment and Perseverance

5.Overcoming Opposition

6.Physical, Mental, and Emotional Toughness

7.Bully Defense and Conflict Resolution

8.Building Friendships!

9.Weapons, Jiu Jitsu, Sparring and More!

10.Awesome Martial Arts Skills


KIDS (Ages 7-12)

While martial arts is a great activity for building physical and mental fitness at any age, the lessons learned in the dojo are especially valuable during the ages 7 to 12, when children begin to face tougher obstacles, emotional changes, and social pressures. As they progress through the ranks and take on more complicated techniques, they will learn the value of hard work and perseverance. Workouts and sparring will give them a constructive outlet for natural stress and aggression as well as building physical fitness and endurance. 

Classes are broken down by experience level to ensure that beginner students are not intimidated by working with more experienced ones, and advanced students are continually challenged by level-appropriate curriculum. Facing and overcoming increasingly difficult challenges will build their self-esteem, giving them the strength to reject peer pressure, to stand up for themselves, and to face new challenges without fear.

7 to 12 is a crucial age when children are just learning to spread their wings. It is also a time when bullying may truly begin to affect their lives, and can have serious long-term effects as they grow. Unfortunately, physically defending themselves can often land children in even more trouble, without solving the problem. Our most successful program takes direct aim at preparing our students to deal with these types of situations with three decisive, NON-VIOLENT steps: Developing unbreakable self-esteem, learning to speak assertively, and a specific, step-by-step process of what to do. Physical self-defense is always there in case they need it, but learning to resolve conflict effectively and without resorting to violence is their first goal.

Martial arts training isn’t just for boys! Young girls benefit enormously as well. Learning to physically defend themselves gives a huge boost to girls’ confidence and courage as they grow, and the simple, effective, defense-oriented skills they learn with equip them with a variety of skills for dealing with a variety of real-life situations such as being grabbed by the wrist or hair, pushed or bear-hugged, etc. Building strong self-esteem and learning to uphold personal boundaries with confident, assertive communication is a skill that will keep them safe throughout their entire lives. And with classes are that are filled with as many girls as boys, new students never have to worry about “being the only girl in class.” 

           In addition to their self-defense training, students will be introduced to other aspects of martial arts, such as jiu jitsu and performance weapons. These extracurriculars keep things interesting and provide even more fun variety for students to experiment with as they progress through their journey to Black Belt. Performance Weapons offer a chance to practice something specialized and all their own, exciting to show their friends and family, and even to compete with. Basic weapons training will be part of their training program, with optional workshops offered for more in-depth learning. Jiu jitsu is another favorite extra, with ground defense built into our curriculum and more intensive grappling training offered in workshops and extra classes. For students who want to add trophies along with their collection of belts earned, competition is always encouraged. Competitors may test their skills in one of the local tournaments, or even as far away as Florida in national competition. With instructors who have led their students to more than 100 State and National Champion titles, the only limit is how hard you’re willing to work!