BIG DRAGONS (Ages 5-7)


Top Ten Things Your Big Dragon Will Learn in This Program

1.  Focus & Discipline

2.  Consequences to Actions

3.  Goal-Setting & Achievement

4.  Life Skills/Safety Skills

5.  Courtesy and Respect

6.  Basic Sparring

7.  Teamwork and Social Skills

8.  Listening/Following Directions

9.  Memory and Mental Acuity

10.  Simple, Beginner Martial Arts that will lead them to the next level!


Big Dragons (Ages 5-7) 

Whether it’s their first experience with martial arts, or they’ve graduated from the Little Dragon program, Big Dragons is a fantastic program that builds upon the skills young children learned in their 3 & 4 year-old class while still being suitable for beginner martial artist. In the Big Dragon program, students are given an expanded curriculum with new challenges and their own belt rank system, which helps teach them to set goals and achieve them! Students will work to improve their balance, coordination and strength, perform techniques properly, and begin to sharpen their mental acuity with short combinations they will memorize as part of their training.

 As they progress through the Big Dragon ranks children will start to practice partner drills, learning to stay on task while playing with a friend. They will begin their sparring training, safely learning the basics of sport karate fighting under the watchful eyes of our experienced instructors. Students will be consistently challenged as they are asked to learn and perform increasingly difficult combinations and techniques, all eventually preparing them to jump into our full self-defense program. Through our expert system of reward and discipline, students will learn that their actions will lead to positive or negative consequences. Everything they learn will build them into strong, confident, capable young children, ready to take on the world!