Baby Dragons (Ages 3-5)

Top Ten Things Your Little Dragon Will Learn in This Program

1. Focus

2. Discipline

3. Goal-Setting & Achievement

4. Life Skills 

5. Good Manners

6. Friendship

7. Classroom Etiquette (Taking Turns, Hands to Self, Etc)

8. Listening/Following Directions

9. Confidence!

10. And of course, Martial Arts!

For many young children, age 3-4 is when they will start to participate in their very first sport. At this age their main concerns will be learning to play nicely with others, behave well in a group setting, focus and pay attention, and work out their excess energy in a positive, structured, fun atmosphere. Martial arts practice provides all these and more with a fun but strongly structured class that incorporates plenty of physical activity to improve important characteristics like fitness, balance, and coordination, while providing a constructive outlet for their boundless energy. Little Dragons learn together how to stay on task even in a group, how to wait their turn nicely, and how to speak up when spoken to. Meanwhile, in their marital arts training the will learn how to perform basic techniques and face age-appropriate challenges that will help them learn to set goals, work toward them, and succeed! Fun games with small prizes foster a sense of friendly competition and learning to win and lose graciously. As they practice they will progress through Little Dragon belt ranks all the way to their Little Dragon Black Belt. The confidence, social skills, and physical abilities they gain during their training will go with them for their entire lives setting them up right for whatever life brings their way.