Top Ten Things Students will Gain from our Adult Class

1.  Simple, Effective Self-Defense

2.  Great Stress Relief

3.  Improved Flexibility

4.  All Levels of Competition

5.  Exciting, Challenging Goals

6.  Safe, Positive Learning Atmosphere

7.  Great Workouts!

8.  Higher Self-Confidence

9.  Fun Place to Socialize with other Adults

10.  Earn that Black Belt!


     Too often when people think of martial arts they think of after-school activities for children. Much to contrary, adults stand to gain as much from consistent martial arts training as anyone. Whether the goal is increasing your physical fitness, learning effective self-defense, getting into competition, or just a fun activity to practice together with the family (or as a little “me time” away from the family!) martial arts offered something for everyone. Get fit while learning to protect yourself, build lasting friendships with other adult martial artists, practice valuable fighting skills with adrenaline pumping sparring sessions, and grow life habits that can change your future. And with classes that are divided by experience levels, adult students never need to worry about being embarrassed or being pushed into too much too quick. Our expert instructors always maintain a “safety-first” approach, meaning new lessons will be taught in easy-to-follow chunks that ensure students avoid injury. You’ll leave every class smiling, sweating, and hungry for the next lesson.

      Many adults see martial arts training as something they have always wanted to do, but have never started for various reasons. Time/schedule constraints, fear of injury, or concerns about training alongside children or being too out of shape may all have held them back. Our adult program is specifically tailored to addressing these concerns many adults have, providing a fun, exciting training atmosphere that is both safe and challenging. With classes that are divided by skill level and age, adults will find a place where they can work out, get fit, learn great self-defense, and push their own training as far as they want to go!

           One of the groups who can benefit from martial arts training possibly more than any other is  women.    In addition to the many challenges that all teens and adults face in their lives,  Females face very real added risks of assault by larger, stronger attackers. Simple, Realistic self-defense is not only important, but could be life-saving. Practicing self-defense techniques with other students helps to develop a real-life self-defense mindset that can keep them safe. And of course, classes provide a fun, engaging workout that keeps students so busy they don’t even realize they’re sweating. The positive, social atmosphere is a great place to leave the troubles and worries of the day behind and just focus on doing something for yourself. With plenty of female instructors and blackbelts around to provide guidance, there’s nothing to fear and everything to gain!